No escape from love

Can’t escape these feelings

But you don’t feel the same

My heart is willing

I don’t want to play games

Escape to a forest

I want you to go

Will it make you more honest

Why didn’t I move slow

Push you away

Pull you back in

I’m bound to lose

Your heart I cannot win

Your wounds are too fresh

I was where you are now

Your hearts still a mess

I am too much sound

You need the silence

Before you can see

I am music not sound

And I can set you free

Release you from your yourself

All those reasons you drown

You can give me your heart and mind

I will not let you down

Sound of silence

Every day at work is a challenge

Not in a bad way, but a challenge nonetheless

I take a break from the noise in my mind

The silence is peace

Every day spent apart

I miss her so much

I hold on to knowing the distance is temporary

The silence is lonely

When she tries to press my buttons and I don’t let her get to me

She gives me the cold shoulder

The silence is punishment




I meditate, I reflect,

I write, I clear my mind.

The silence is refreshing.

It occurs to me silence takes many forms,

But most importantly,

Silence is necessary.

Darkness looming

Drowning in thought

My mind turning black

How do I fight these waters

So hard these waves attack

I have no oar no paddle

Through my fingers the water slips

I’m usually a strong swimmer,

But I struggle to fight the rip.

Pulled through the blue to the black

As I go deeper someone throw me a line

This time I need help so that I can survive

I want to reach the surface

Feel air in my lungs,

Feel the warm rays of the sun on the skin of my face.

I want to smell the salt and taste the air,

Feel the crisp breeze through my wet hair.

I don’t want to drown

Be consumed by the black

I want to survive

Despite this attack.

Morning Coffee

I wake up,

I brush my teeth.

Leave at half past,

Had nothing to eat.

I drive. I park. I walk.

I hear the horn of the train

I step on. Pods in my ears.

I do not talk.

I sit, no need to stand.

My eyelids still heavy,

Yearning for that coffee.

That warm cup in my hands.

I am almost there.

Clear in my mind,

Is the green circle

The mermaid girl.

Beep beep. Get off the train.

Up the escalator and to the exit,

I make my way.

As I pace to Starbucks

My breath creates smoke in the cold air.

I get my coffee and croissant,

They make a great pair.

A Grey Sky

Take me to the edge
Drop me in
Black hole staring me in the face
No way to win

Yet here I am
Still standing here
Feeling the depth of that hole
But I’m numb to fear

Take my heart and shake it
Take my mind and break it
Throw me in that hole
I’ve nowhere else to go

Maybe I can come out the other end
With something to live for
Feel purpose within
Have a means to an end

Because right now I don’t want be here
The seasons ever changing my mood
Too many problems
And a love I can’t elude

Keeping A Secret

I wonder as time passes,

Which way back to you is the fastest?

I don’t know what it is,

Your charm, your smile, your lips.

We just seem to fit.

I want to be your secret.

How’d you get me feeling like this?

I want to be your friend and your other,

Hide me under your covers,

For the night and even the day,

We can be lovers.

Waste time with me,

Bodies naked,

Under sheets,

We can give and take,

I won’t have to fake.

To be next to you,

If only I had powers.

You know I’d be there now,

It would only take two hours.


A restless heart

A restless mind

I feel the unexpected

My heart is relentless

A restless mind

A restless night

Why must my heart

Put up such a fight

I want to be stone

I want to not feel

But then I’m not me

And I wouldn’t be real

A restless mind

Trying to fight the heart

But my heart is strong

Tearing my mind apart

Breaking Up

Her heart is aching,

It feels as if it’s breaking.

No words can take this pain away,

To her mind,

Her heart did not obey.

The throbbing feeling wrenching on her insides,

The tears piercing to escape,

It’s hard to breathe.

She is in an empty state.

Although the ache she tries to hide,

Trying to find the other side,

The dark has taken over her light,

It’s in her face and in her eyes.

Connected by heart and mind,

I want to ease her of her heart attack,

Change her channel,

Rid her of the all the grey and black.

She deserves the light in her day,

She deserves to wear a smile and laugh out loud.

Not have her heart trampled,

And her mind left in a shroud.

I am hoping time will pass,

And the storm in her heart will not last.

I have faith the calm will come,

And all will be undone.


He pulled you close

Said he won’t let go

Told you all you wanted

You should have known

I could see it from a distance

You said you were fine

Breaking down your resistance

You were completely blind

He was a cheater, such a liar

He brought the rain, killed your fire

Tears falling from your eyes

Now you cry

You can’t stop crying

His sweet words like a rope

Pulled you in

You were never as strong

In a game you couldn’t win

If for more than a moment I could drown your pain

I would do it in an instance

Just to see you smile again.

If only you could see you and he weren’t meant to be,

You should have listened to your mind,

He had three kids and a wife.

But all sense you left behind,

And you just wasted all your time.

He was a cheater, such a liar

He brought the rain, killed your fire

Tears falling from your eyes

Now you cry

You can’t stop crying

Only time will let you

Let you stop crying